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The Type of Pastries We Offer

Discover the Perfect Pastry for Your Tastebuds

From flaky croissants and delicious muffins to warm chocolate chip cookies, pastries come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavor profiles that make them unique. Whether you prefer something lighter in the morning with your first cup of coffee or a heartier dessert with tea at night, our pastry shop has something for everyone.

Croissants - Layered with butter, rolled, and folded several times, croissants are buttery, flaky, and lite which make it a perfect pastry. While a plain croissant is the most common, we also offer a chocolate and Nutella variation for chocolate enthusiasts.

Muffins – Leavened chemically (quickbread), then baked in an individual mold, muffins are a singular portioned baked good that can use a variety of ingredients to change its texture, taste (sweet or savory), and appearance. Our sweet varieties include blueberry, cranberry orange, strawberry corn, and cinnamon sugar muffins. Our savory varieties include healthy harvest and bran muffins.

Cookies – One of the most popular forms of baked goods is the cookie. Creating using flour, sugar, egg, and some variation of fat (oil or butter), this treat can be customized using various ingredients for any occasion. We carefully craft homemade gingerbread cookies, gluten-free oatmeal squares, oatmeal raisin cookies, and traditional chocolate chip cookies.

Visit Our Pastry Shop or Place an Order Online Today!

As a local, authentic pastry shop, CFCF Coffee is dedicated to crafting a wonderful selection of pastries that match anyone’s taste buds. With 3 locations (2 in Greenwich, CT and 1 in Riverside, CT), we’re able to be the source of many pastries for breakfast and dessert enthusiasts alike. Our team takes pride in baking fresh pastry options every day bright and early. Along with our selection of baked goods, we also carefully roast and blend our coffees and teas, using flavors from farms across South America, Africa, and Asia.

We invite you to treat yourself to a delectable pastry and embark on a journey to discovering your next favorite. Feel free to place an order online or stop by one of our coffee and pastry shops today!