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Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee

The Difference Between Iced Coffee & Cold Brews

Coffee in the morning before work or starting your day is great. It is part of the morning routine for millions of people every day. It is quick to make, tastes delicious, and provides a boost in energy. A lot of people go make a freshly brewed cup as soon as they wake up or grab one at their local coffee shop on their way to work. There are numerous ways coffee can be made too. Two of the most popular methods of brewing coffee are cold brews and iced coffee. They are often confused as being the same. They are like each other, but they are made through different processes.

Both types of coffee drinks are served cold and look very similar at the end, which is why they get confused with one another. As we said, the brewing process is different for each though. Cold brews are named as a direct result of how they are brewed. It is brewed using cold water, which takes longer to make. It tends to have a darker appearance than iced coffee. Iced coffee is brewed the conventional way with a standard coffee maker. It is then cooled and served over ice. This gives it a lighter color and has more distinct flavors.

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